Bruxelles-Beyrouth: get ready for boarding!

The departure is imminent: Foor’n takes you on a unique culinary journey!
The aim of the trip? To immerse you in a new culture and let you discover authentic Lebanese flavours.
Our star product is yet unknown in Belgium: it’s the kaak! In the shape of a handbag, this sesame bread can be either sweet or savory. It is then filled with the best of ingredients from here and there.

Dolcetti’s ultimate goal is to satisfy our clients and their sweet taste buds. Our cakery provides superior products, being both attractive and yummy! Our regular clients state we are the best, but we never stop developing our recipes. We continue exploring this fascinating sweet world!

Kaak, the story behind bread in the form of a handbag

Kaak, the story behind bread in the form of a handbag

You will see these all over Beyrouth but not yet in Belgium.
The kaak is a form of Lebanese bread sold on the streets, typically by street vendors. A simple and popular bread, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside… .and deliciously addictive.

But its uniqueness comes from its shape! The kaak looks just like a small handbag: the hole allows it to hang from a wooden bar so that the dough may rest. That way they don’t need to be stacked horizontally, which would deflate the bread dough.

Basic ingredients? Flour, water, yeast but also mahlab, an aromatic spice made from cherry stones. At Foor’n, the kaak is cooked in front of you, in a stone oven at very high temperature. The bread rises in just a couple of minutes and turns to a crispy golden brown on the outside. It can then be filled with zaatar, labneh, halloumi and black olives, or why not with Carob syrup , tahini or even pistachio cream with rose water. Flavours that take us far and far away…

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